Weeklyreport #28 - english

April 5, 2019

Travel report until the 29. March 2019


After I arrived in Riga, I checked out Facebook to find some active people in climate demonstrations and I found them. I met with a nice group of international students, who were organising the climate strike in Riga.




That was a nice way to meet new people, who were not just tourists for a few days, but really living here for a longer period. Thanks to Dana I found a guitar to borrow after 2 days, and from now on I can improve my musical skills.




As a place to earn money as a street musician, Riga was not really good. On one hand, there were already some musicians in the streets and I didn’t want to take their business away, and on the other hand, there is not so much money to earn in the streets, because the salaries are very low here, and the life costs are pretty high, compared with the average salary.
Also the tourist season didn’t start yet, what probably makes the biggest amount of money in a street artist’s life.


But living in a hostel was a very nice experience, especially after I lived the winter in Sweden, where I didn’t meet so many same aged people. That’s why I enjoy it even more, to go out for a beer and sing karaoke.




Although it can be a bit dangerous as well. I don’t want to be hangover every morning and with this life stile you can easily become an alcoholic. But at the moment I’m in control of the situation and just enjoy the good company.


Viva la vida 😎✌🏻

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