Weeklyreport #27 - english

April 4, 2019

Weekly Report #27 - english

Travel story until the 22. March 2019


On a pretty snowy and windy day, I started my newest adventure. From Tromsø down town I walked out of the city center to a good hitchhiking spot where I continued by car. The first 160km until Finland were quite easy, and after 6h and 5 different cars, I arrived in Kilpisjärvi, the western most village in Finland, still very far north.




To get away from there was a bigger challenge than expected, and I had to stand over 3 hours in the cold, without being picked up…

I was cold and really pissed, because there were lots of cars driving by, but no one gave me a lift. As the traffic began to slow down, I started walking towards Helsinki (1’200km away), believing that I will sleep outside this night.




But it came different. The next car that passed me, stopped and gave me the ride of my life.

I was lucky to be in the car of a Lithuanian guy, who worked in Tromsø and drove all the way back home to Vilnius. So I joined his journey and after 18h of driving and not much time sleeping in the car, we arrived in Helsinki the next day, where we crossed the sea with a ferry to Tallinn.




In Tallinn, Estonia, I decided to stay for a few days and check out this new country. I said goodbye to Aleksandr and thanks to couchsurfing I also had a place to stay for the night.


In order to explore the Baltic countries a bit different, I postet on the facebook site Yes-Theory-Family, that I am here, and many people reacted and invited me to meet them. So I changed my plans of heading south as fast as possible, and discovered a few cities more.




In Tallinn, I met 3 people, before I went to Tartu with a bus, where Brit was waiting for me and after 2 nights there, I continued my journey to Latvia, where I met Nurgul in the bus and 2 people in the Riga.


On workaway.info I found a hostel in Riga, where I had the possibility to stay for 3 weeks, and volunteer for a free bed. And because it was such a nice place with nice people I extended my stay in the Baltics for another few days.


Viva la vida 😎✌🏻

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