Weeklyreport #26 - english

April 3, 2019

Travel story until the 15. March 2019


After an interesting first week in Tromsø I started the second one with mixed feelings. On one hand I found a possibility for a longer stay, in a Hostel, where I could live for free in exchange for some cleaning work. On the other hand, I realised that finding a job for 1-3 months would be very difficult. I don’t want to stay too long in Tromsø, because I’m traveling the world and already stayed long enough in Sweden. But I don’t want to lie to the people and showing them interest to work for 6 months just to get a job, and after 2 weeks I will leave…




As a street musician I earned enough money to make myself a living, but somehow I didn’t see the sense of the story. That lead me to the final decision to leave Tromsø by the end of the week.




On Friday I joined the Fridays for Future demonstration, where I performed my Climate-Song with ca. 200 other students, which was pretty awesome. Also in the Hostel I met some inspiring people and we had many interesting discussions about traveling and adventures.


(Thanks a lot Sandro, for the amazing picture)


I think about focusing the next few months on improving my language skills on the languages I already speak. It would be helpful to have language certificates in English, German, French and Spanish, to work as a Tour Guide in the future. So I could come back to Tromsø one day and live here for a whole season, either in winter or in summer.




No I packed all my stuff and I’m ready for my next adventure, wherever it will take me…


Viva la vida 😎✌🏻

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