Weeklyreport #25 - english

April 2, 2019

Travel story until the 8. March 2019


My challenge, to survive 30 days without money and without internet, started quite well. The first day I made my way all the way up trough northern Sweden to the border in Riksgränsen, close to Norway, where I spent a night in a car. It was nice to be protected from the snow storm, but with -20°C outside it was pretty cold to sleep…

The second day I started walking 15km over the border and into Norway, until I got a ride from a Finish truck driver.




That evening, after several car rides, I arrived happy but hungry in Tromsø, where I didn’t have a place to sleep, nor anything to eat, but I didn’t care, because that’s the challenge.

The next day, it was a Sunday, I went to the church, where I meet some really nice people. A retired priest offered me a place to sleep for 3 days, what gave me the space to breath and spend time finding a job and meeting new people.




The first full day in the city, I spent looking for a job and in my free time I started playing music in the street, in order to earn some money. I could borrow a guitar from the church and in the harbour building there was a public piano, where I also could play for the people.

And I was quite surprised, even though I wasn’t a good guitar player, I earned a good salary of around 200.-NOK (24.-$) per hour.




My goal to not use the internet didn’t work, because everybody I asked for a job, told me to send them my CV in a e-mail. That was pretty crazy to realise, that you can survive in a very expensive city without money, but not without internet…




After a few days I met Néstor and Christian, who helped me out with another place to stay for a few days. It’s unbelievable, how many nice people you just meet in the street.

Now I’m still looking for a job and a longterm place to stay, but it’s really interesting so far.


Viva la vida😎✌🏻

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