Weeklyreport #24 - english

March 4, 2019

Travel story until the 1. March 2019


Last week was an unbelievable adventure. When I was visiting Josh and Elisabeth, I tried out the guitar for a moment, and all of a sudden, I had an idea for a song… Fridays for the Future
Nothing special, but still, a simple and fun song, for the climate demonstration on Friday. We learned the song, printed the text a few times, and then went to the demonstration to perform it with the other people. It was lots of fun, everybody was happy and the atmosphere was very nice, even though it was a bit cold that day.


On Saturday I went alone to the city, in order to find a way of recording the song with a better audio quality than the videos from the day before. A moment later I found myself on the stage of a Jazz-concert, performing my song in their brake. That was pretty crazy, especially for me, a guy who can barely play 4 chords on the guitar. But it inspired me to play more in front of people. So I went to the church, borrowed the guitar, and stood on the road to perform my song in public.

After 45min I had to stop, because of blisters on my fingers. But it was worth it, and in less than an hour I earned 130.-SEK (ca. 15.-USD).


On Sunday I wrote again a song, inspired by the good atmosphere in Luleå. This one is about my journey around the world, and is played on a Ukulele.
I hope now, that I have other chances to play music the next few weeks. It would be nice, to be able to earn some money with playing music in the streets.

After the weekend I went back to Nattavaara, where I had again two tours with skis. It was a bit difficult with the warm weather, but it was still fun, after all.


Now I’m on my way to Jokkmokk, where I definitely say good by, before I go to Tromsø.
There my challenge for the next month is already fixed:
No money
No phone
No internet
In 30 days I will try to start a new life, in a new country and a new city, without money or contacts I made before. That means finding everything that we usually have in a normal life. (Job, church-community, friends, pub, hobby, etc.)

During these 30 days, I won’t be online on Facebook or my blog.

I will post the weekly reports of this month all together at the beginning of April.
Until then I will have to find a way to survive.


Viva la vida😎✌🏻

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