Weeklyreport #23 - english

March 4, 2019

Travel story until the 22. Feb. 2019


There is probably no crazier way for a week to start, than last week.
The weather was completely sick, and instead of -20°C and snow, we had stormy winds and +4°C. That made me working in the t-shirt, plowing melting snow from the roofs and walking barefoot trough the snow.




At my work I had many helping hands from our tourists, who helped me cleaning the roofs from snow. We had much fun, sliding from the roofs into the snow on the ground and fighting with snowballs.

After the first warm day, the wind got stronger and it started to be very uncomfortable. If I was walking outside, I almost got blind, because of the snow, that was blown in my face.




I was very happy, after 2 days, when the weather changed back to normal, with colder temperatures and less wind. My plans of going to Luleå changed a little bit, because of the flu going trough our holiday resort. 3 people from our team got sick in the same time, so I had to stay longer, and help the other with the daily tasks. But that wasn’t really bad for me, as I like to be in Nattavaara very much. Being with nice people and sauna everyday, are my favourite things from working in Sweden




In the middle of the week, I arrived in Luleå, where I visit my friends Elisabeth and Joshua Ethan Armfield and live with them in their community. After a few months I know quite a few people in Luleå, so it won’t be boring for me, to stay in the “big” city.


Viva la vida😎✌🏻


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