Weeklyreport #22 - english

February 16, 2019

Travel story until the 15. Feb. 2019


This week I came back to my normal travel routine. Relaxed and adventurous.

After a demanding week, I was happy to be back at the wildlife resort Solberget and I was looking forward to the next few days with ski and snow shoe tours.




On Sunday, I went alone on a quick tour and in the evening, the guest from next week already arrived.

I was surprised about their relaxed mood, because the train was 6 hours to late. But I found out later this week, that they were really nice and relaxed people, and we had some very nice tours through the forest.


On Monday I went to the marsh with a group of tourists, where we got the first feeling on the new skis. It went very well, as everybody was experienced on skis, and after 3 hours, we all arrived at home, happy and a little bit tired.


On Tuesday we had the first tour to our home mountain, Solberg, where we have a little hut to stay inside. This time I had 2 families with spirited kids, so I decided to go on a little longer slope trough the forest, to challenge them a little bit. We were rewarded with a beautiful walk on a very sunny hillside, before we arrived in the warm hut. Inside we warmed up, and had some snacks and interesting conversations.




On Wednesday I had just 4 tourist, which followed me on another hill. This tour was a bit longer, and after 4 hours, I was also quite tired, and my back was hurting a lot. I think the combination of wearing a backpack, and moving my hands with the skiing poles wasn’t so good for my shoulders.


On Thursday I was happy, that my back was way better, and I could go on my last tour with fresh energy. This time we went again on the Solberg, but with snow shoes. The hat was already warm when we arrived, because of one guest, who was sleeping over the last night, and we even got warm coffee.




And so this week ended successfully, not just for the nice ski tours, but also did I see the northern lights, and got pleasure to sauna. The life here in the wild, where we live without running water, and no real toilet, is a really nice dream.


Viva la vida😎✌🏻

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