Weeklyreport #21 - english

February 14, 2019

Travel story until the 9. Feb. 2019


The end of the road trip with my dad comes together with the 150th day of my journey.
It was a very nice time with him, and I enjoyed it to be on the road with him. ☺️

After my Couchsurfing experience in Luleå, I went to the airport last Saturday, to pick up my dad. He was really lucky to catch the second flight in Stockholm in the last minute, but unfortunately his baggage wasn’t as fast as he. This gave us the possibility to check out Luleå before we got his bag in the evening.


After a few hours in Luleå we finally moved on to Finland, where we stayed for the first night in Kemi. There wasn’t too much to see in this industrial city, and so we continued our journey to the Russian border.
In the ski resort of Ruka, we had quite bad weather. It was just -17°C what wasn’t too cold, but the wind made it very difficult to enjoy skiing, while we were freezing our faces, and most of the ski lifts didn’t even run.🙈⛄️

This made us an easy decision to leave Ruka the next day, and drive to Rovaniemi where we visited the “official” residence of Santa Claus. For my taste it was way too touristic and very overloaded with decoration, and as usual there were Asians everywhere. But it was funny to have been there.😎




After that we went to Levi, probably the biggest ski resort above the polar circle, where we were much luckier with the weather conditions. The slopes were perfect, there was almost no wind, and even the sun was shining. That was the perfect skiing day for me. I also met a group of Finnish ski racers, training for slalom, and I tried to drive in the poles.😃

My dad wasn’t that happy as I was, because he wasn’t used to the -28°C and every 30 minutes he wanted to go inside for a coffee. That was very funny for me, because usually he is the one who tells me to be to lazy while skiing and that I do too much Apré-Ski.😂




At the end of our vacation, we went back to Sweden, where we spent one night in Gällivare, before we moved down to Jokkmokk to visit the market. Our final resident was a bit more south, in Kåbdalis, where a friend of mine is working, and we had 2 very nice evenings there.

At Friday we went all together to the market and we had Fika (Swedish coffee and cake) the whole day.🍻




After a reindeer race and a climate change demonstration, we had enough of the market and my dad went down to the coast, from where he will fly today back to Switzerland.
And now I’m in Nattavaara where I work a few days, before my adventure continues. ☺️


Viva la vida😎✌🏻


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