Weeklyreport #20 - english

February 1, 2019

Travel report until the 1. Feb. 2019


This week the first time in 2 languages, german and english


My last week in Jokkmokk began with a very nice birthday party from the father of my host. It was very nice to party with the people, who had the biggest impact on my North-Sweden journey. 🍻
Thanks a lot to Jon-Mikko Länta, Miriam Länta and Tim Valio, Björn Hedlund-Länta and of course Nils-Edwin, the coolest reindeer herder I’ve met so far.🙂👍




The reindeer season is now definately finished for my. Even though the winter was very late this year, we had a few very nice roundups, we drove many thousand km through mountain and forest, and we transported a few houndred reindeer.
I don’t wont to trade a winter like this, to a rainy Swiss winter, never ever again. Either a good winter, or no winter at all 😜

Last sunday I attended the church for the last time, where I also met many very nice people. It was an amazing experience for me, to meet open hearted people in an other country, where I was welcomed independent of where I come from, or who I am. Special Thanks to the Svenska Kyrkan and the Frikyrka Jokkmokk. (Fam. Tom Rutschman, Fam. Kim Young Bo, Volker Arste and Stefanie Arste, Fam. Strand, Elena Veräjä, Anders and many more) 😎




The last 3 days I had the pleasure to go for a Fika (coffee and cake in Sweden) every day, to say goodbye in person. I also had the possibility to work a little bit for a friend, to increase my travel budget a little bit. After that I had to pack my bags, and I was surprised how good it went, I had enough space for everything. Thursday morning, after one last Fika at the Swedish School, I left town and said goodbye to 3 very interesting months. (Thanks a lot also to the SFI teacher, Karin and Maria-Therese Asplund) ☺️




To hitchhike with -28°C (-18,4°F) was quite a challange, but it went better than expected, and after 20min of waiting in the cold, I had my first ride to Luleå. As I was speaking with the driver, we realised, that we know the same people in Jokkmokk, and so we had enough stuff to speak about for an interesting 2 hours. (Thanks Ola Bergdahl for the ride) Because my driver was a little bit late to catch a plane in Luleå, I drove with him till the airport, where he left me with his car. After he left I had to park the car in the city on a spot, he showed me before. I was really surprised, about his confidence in me, and also honored. 😃




In Luleå I walked for the first time in my life on the frozen sea. Pretty impressive and funny to walk from island to island without any bridges. 😅🙈


Now I’m living at Ilianas apartement, who gave me a couch to crash via Couchsurfing, and I wait until my dad arrives tomorrow, to go on a road trip with me. I’m curiouse about the adventures that are waiting for us, and about how my father will feel, while leaving his comfort zone Thomas Grob 😜


Viva la vida😎✌🏻


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