What you really need

August 20, 2018

Have you ever wondered about, how many things you really need to live?

I have, and I packed my bag to travel the world, it's surprising how little things you really need to travel the world.


For my journey I'll have a big bag (monowalker fatmate) with all the stuff I need to travel off the road, with a multi-fuel stove, a antarctic expedition tent, a hammock and many things I don't really need to travel the world, but to do it the way I like.
But let's imagine I take another way of journey and travel with the least weight possible.

It's absolutely possible to travel with less than 10kg :-)



That's my day-pack, with everything in it.

I've decided to take 2 bags on my journey, a small one with everything in it to travel the world for a few years, and a big one with all the stuff I need to survive a Siberian winter in a tent. It's obvious that it takes more space if you want to be independently on your journey. You need the ability to cook outside, to sleep outside, to be protected against all kinds of weather and temperature and you need everything to be strong enough to survive the harsh conditions of the untouched Nature. But if you just travel from hostel to hostel, or from bed to bed, you can minimise your luggage-weight under 10kg.



I just did this with my day-pack and packed everything I really need, and can't lose on my journey. So let me tell you what's inside:

- a backpack with around 24 liter

- a little bag for my clothes

- one pant

- one underpants

- a pair of socks

- one t-shirt

- a foldable world-map to travel

- a plane world-map to draw my journey

- two Swiss-army-knife to give away to friends

- an ear-protection to sleep in loud hostels

- fork and spoon

- a head torch

- a first aid kit

- two power bank

- my iPad

- my reserve glasses

- and my Laptop

- and last but not least, a toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoo ;-)


That's all I need.

Of course, I could travel without any electronic devices, but I decided to study languages (for this I need my iPad) and to study mathematics at an online university (serious bachelor degree of science) and that's not so easy without a Laptop, and my plane world map is just for my fun, to draw all the places I've been to on this journey, and to show the people I meet on the way, where I come from and where I'll go next.

You could let the Laptop at home, and just take with you only one powerbank, that would give you enough space for a small sleeping-bag, but that's optional.


I wonder how long I'll travel with the big baggage, but If camped enough one day, I'll probably just send everything to my parents, except this day-pack with 10kg...


Viva la vida :-)

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