the last month

August 3, 2018

Hello everybody


I'm back online. For the last few weeks I haven't had much time to share my preparation steps.

But it also didn't happen a lot to talk about.

I finished my one year of school with a quite good mark, pushed back the start of my big journey, and started working in a restaurant next to where I live.

The reason for the 2-months-delay is a project of my little brother, where I had to help him out a little bit, and the fact, that I was broke. After one year of school, and no job to earn money, I took the chance to get some money and learn a new profession in the same time.

Now I can look back on 6 weeks of a very hard period of work, with almost no free day and many hard situations to manage, but it was completely worth it.


My new day of departure is now fixed on September the 15th, when I start walking 60km north of my place in company of some friends. After this walk, I will start hitchhiking in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and go wherever it takes me.

So, what happened the last few weeks beside my job?

I met a lot of different and interesting people who have travel experience or are planing to go traveling as well. And most important, I got almost everything I need to travel the world.

My biggest and most valuable purchase ist for sure, my tent. I bought a brand new "Polarmond" (Swiss startup tent for extreme expeditions) with a comfort range to sleep, from -30° Celsius until +25°.
To imagine what power a single-man tent like this can have, was crazy for me, and to realise that the feeling of sleeping in it is almost like my bed at home, almost unbelievable. But it is true, I got the best stuff I could ever get, to travel wherever I want.

The problem of my journey is, that I don't know whether I go to a cold or a warm country, and under this circumstances it is pretty awesome to have a tent like this.

 I also bought a multi fuel stove from Optimus (Optimus Polaris) to give me the flexibility to cook some food with every conceivable fuel or gas. Also important if you don't know where you're going to and if you find the right fuel to cook at those places.

The last things I purchased this month (not less important than all the other stuff), was some all weather clothing. Some nice rain pants, a good slicker, and waterproofed shoes, together with a fancy hat.


For all of those things, it was important for me to get the right stuff, with good quality, light weight and practical usability. The price is the last thing to look for, and so I spent almost 4'000.- CHF for all my equipment until now. But I'm sure that it will be worth it, once I'm on the road, because the last thing I want is, problems on my journey.


The next and last thins I need to start my world travel are, a good backpack, a camera, a powerbank and a Swiss flag to show the world where I am from ;-)


Viva la vida :-)

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