Tuscany and the sheep

April 14, 2018

This morning I got up at 7 o’clock in the morning.

Not because I had to, but just because it felt good :-)

I was welcomed by a little group of sheep (they didn’t wake me up) in Valle Benedetto and the sun was almost shining.

I just realised this morning what a beautiful place Tuscany was, and what a view I had from my rest stop... just amazing.

After cleaning my sleeping bag and packing my backpack I filled up my bottle and started for the last 5 km to the house of my host family (www.workaway.info).

It was very nice to walk in the upcoming sun, but I felt my back and my legs from the long walk yesterday. It will take me some other walks to train for the final level of strength, as I had it in the army.


While walking on the road trough the forest, I was always watching out for some fancy curved trees, to make myself a walking stick in the style of german journeymen. But as the journeymen say; you won’t find a “stenz” (that’s the name of this kind of tree), it will find you...

That’s true, and I didn’t find one, but who knows... one day maybe it will find me. ;-)


After one hour I arrived finally at the house of Claudio and Michaela, where I will spend the next few days, but that’s ankther story.


Viva la vida :-)

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