April 12, 2018

Today was the first time I tried to hitchhike in Italy.

It was the raining the hole day, I didn’t have good clothes, wasn’t really prepared for hitchhiking and there were no cars stopping to give me a ride...

But anyway, it was one of the best days :-D

Firts I went to a shop nearby to ask for a pen to write “Genova” on a peace of paper. I had a really good place to wait for cars, next to a highway entrance and even though the italians are often to afraid to stop, I was lucky after 1 hour of waiting. Paolo from Milano gave me a ride for half the way, Milano-Alessandria.

First (when I was standing in the rain) I thought that maybe the italians aren’t so friendly, but the opposite is the truth.

Just 5 minutes after Paolo picked me up, he offered me to organize my next ride from Alessandria, and called a friend to help me out.

It’s still amazing how friendly people you meet while traveling all over the world.



I had an appointment near Livorno, around 3 1/2 hours south from Milano, but no train ticket to go there, so I tried to do all the way by hitchhiking.

But in Genova I had to give up, it was to difficult to find a place where cars could stop next to the highway.

With the metro I went to the station Genova Brignole and after that with a train ti Lisa and finally to Livorno.

I didn’t want to stress my host family and as it was 22:00 o’clock already, I decided to walk for a while.

Anyway I had my sleeping bag (waterproof) with me and sleeping outside is always a pleasure, so it was a nice practis for my world travel in July. 2 hours of walking, 11km and 300 meters of altitude later I found myself in Valle Benedetta. Without anymore water and no idea of where to sleep, I was lucky once again.

Just in time, when I decided to take a rest, I arrived on a rest stop with drinking water and a tabel to lay under. I was happy and felt asleep.


Another interesting day of my journey :-)


Viva la vida

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