Bella Italia

April 11, 2018

Yesss! I’m on the road :-)

Just for a test ride, but almost like around the world travel.

We went to Milan wirh the italian class to study for 4 days and practise our language skills, but that’s difficult when you’re in a foreign country with 70 other swiss students...

The motivation of the others is not quite the same as mine, so I decided to stay longer in Italy and continue studying on my own.

Fortunately I found the website where travelers can find hosts for free, in exchange of helping in the housholde, on the farm or with animals and kids. 

It’s a pretty nice opportunity for me to practise more italian, when I stay with an italian family for a few days.



But first a few words to Milan.

I arrived there on a quite boring way, by train from switzerland. As I have the general train ticket for Switzerland, I just had to pay for the last train between the swiss boarder and Milan, but what I didn’t noticed was, that on the same route there are different prices.

If you go to Milano with the Eurocity-Train you pay 15.-€, but if you take the regional you pay 5.-€ and it takes you just 20 min longer.


In Milano we spent our time in the hostel “ostello bello grande” next to the central station. That’s in fact one of the most beautiful places to be, I’ve ever seen.

It’s cheap, very clean, the food is amazing (you get breakfast and a little dinner) and the people are so friendly.

Even if you don’t speak italian, you won’t have any problems. They can speak english, and some of them french, german and spanish.

The location is very big, but the rooms are very isolated for sound, so that you can sleep easily even if there is a big party downstairs.

inside the building there is a beautiful courtyard, a 24 hours bar/reception and on top of the building they have a rooftop lounge to drink beers and enjoy time all day/night long.

I can just say thank you to the hostel crew and advise you to stay there if you go to Milan.


Viva la vida :-)


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