March 19, 2018

The problem with health-insurance...

One of the most important things for me is it, to reduce the daily costs of my life.

Traveling by hitchhiking and working for food and accommodation are the main points of this idea, but the last problem is the insurances.

As long as one lives in Switzerland, one needs a normal health-insurance and private-liability-insurance.

A private-liability-insurance is something quite cheap, as it costs around 40.-CHF per year, but the health-insurance is much more expensive.

Depending on one's age, it starts with 215.-CHF per month in my case (25 years old/male), including all additional services to travel, and that's way to much for my travel budget.

So I started research for other cheaper offers around the world.

According to Swiss law, every Swiss citizen has to make an insurance for health and privat-liability, even if one doesn't live in Switzerland. As long as one doesn't refer to residence in another country, this law is valid all over the world. But as far as I know, the Swiss law can't punish me for not being insured outside of the Swiss boarders, so I don't really care.




Just for the case, I might have an accident or serious disease that costs a lot to medicate, I won't travel without any insurance. I hope to find cheaper solutions from other countries.

My first research resulted in just one hopeful offer from an Austrian company.

The offer is around 760.-€ for one year, or 3580.-€ for 5 years. According to the terms and conditions it's allowed to close this deal for all citizens of Switzerland, Lichtenstein or the European Union, BUT... for a contract over more than 4 months a residence in Austria is necessary.

I have now 3 options, 1. I could move my residence to Austria for 6 months, 2. I could close a deal for 4 months and renew it 3 times a year, or 3. I could continue my research for other offers.


Time will tell...

Viva la vida :-)

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