My first Around-the-World-Trip

February 22, 2018

Have you ever dreamed about traveling around the world?

Not just the idea of visiting lots of countries, but traveling the 40'000km in the same direction and circumnavigate the globe?

I have! My whole life, I have been dreaming about adventures like this. And I did it! :-D

Last summer I had the chance for my first circumnavigation by plane, as I went to New Zealand for a 2 months english study.


Usually the airlines fly from Europe to Dubai, Katar, Japan or Singapur and then further to New Zealand and Australia. And usually they fly the same way back as the fly down ;-)

But I didn't like the idea of flying two times the same way, so I decided to plan my trip a bit more special.

I booked a flight with Singapore Airlines from Paris to Singapore, where I had 2 days to acclimatise and get used to the time change. From there I flew down to Auckland NZ with the amazing New Zealand Airlines (the absolutely best thing I've ever seen / just love it).

After 2 great months and a very special time in Queenstown NZ, I had to fly back to Europe, but this time via Los Angeles USA, where I've slept one night just to continue the next day to my final destination Paris.


It was a interesting experience and if you like flying, it's definitely worth it (it didn't cost me more than a normal return ticket Paris-Auckland-Paris).

But as a big fan of mother nature, and aware of the fact that we just have one planet (at the moment) I wasn't really amazed of the length of my trip. I was flying 4 times for almost 12 hours each, and in total I made something around the 40'000km around the globe, wich was nice to no that I did it, but for the future I will not fly again that soon.

So the topic of my next World-Travel - and the actual reason for this blog - is, to travel the world without planes :-)


Viva la Vida

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