Who am I, and what am I talking about?!

February 22, 2018

I'm a 25 years old, Swiss guy with the passion of traveling the world.

Fortunately I had the pleasure that my parents love traveling just as much as I do. For this reason, I already had the possibility to get some travel experience in my early years of childhood. We were traveling mostly around Europe and Switzerland in our family car or the small RV of my uncle.
At the time I turned 18, I started to make my own plans of traveling. The first few adventures were quite unplanned and spontaneous, and I didn't really realise what I was doing until I got back at home and had the chance to reflect my new experience.

One of my most exciting trips I had in Malawi, Nicaragua and Kosovo, where I made some very good friends and got a pretty different view of the world, and how people in central Europe see the world.


But the big change in my thinking of traveling had come when I was traveling in New Zealand, down from Auckland to Queenstown, all the way by bus and ferry. I realised that I didn't have the time to enjoy the small villages on the road, and that I had to many plans of "what I have to see".

So I decided to travel at least once in my life for an open period of time, with no idea of where I want to go.


And here I am, 4 months away of the probably greatest adventure of my entire life-time :-)

When I was searching for advice how to travel the world in a cheap and adventurous way, I found always some articles about different experiences, but nothing really adventurous and pioneering like the early discoverers of the planet earth.


I'd like to write in this blog about the beautiful places around the world with almost no tourists, ways of traveling for no money, and tips to find food and accommodation for the price of your hands-work.

But of course I will also give you answers to different questions around traveling, the political systems I get in touch with, and the different cultures and nice people I meet around the globe.

I'm sure I will open your mind a bit, when I describe the world in a different was than the world-press does.


So far, so good. Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you enjoy.

Viva la vida :-)



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